To carve a new path 

you must walk 

at the water’s edge

Willing to drown in the deep

at any moment

Willing to have everything

 that once was, 

just a moment ago 

washed away

so that nothing remains 

of a way back

She eats it 

She washes your feet

that new Earth remain unburdened 

and perpetually  alive

with the heaving forth 

of near reckless desire

Your courtship with continual disappearance

 will fill your awestruck mouth

 with Her swelling tongue

hungry for the mercy 

that has guided you down the narrow path

Your lips covered in afterbirth

and the taste of empty space

You appear to be mad

daring the ledge like that

So innocent

as if you know not of danger

But ah, to be truly insane

is to go digging for your old

footsteps in the sand

to prove your life