The journey of the inner life– the journey into self love and unraveling the messages of your spirit is the only journey.  We have disconnected from our source.  We have forgotten the songs and stories of the heart- of love.   We have disposed of rituals and whimsy and the magic of nature’s teachings that connect us to our creative life.

This is a place to remember the simple truth that every thread of Universal love winds through you.  That every star drift winds into your flesh and bones.

Here you may find inspiration to reclaim your spirit- guidance through the dark nights and shadow dances.

Here is a collection of my reclaiming a voice I buried long ago.  This is a space I give myself permission to dance with the words that have been locked in my heart too long.  I invite that permission for you…


Where have you gone dear one?

Your soul has wandered so far it seems

Come close and breath into your divine flesh as I perfume your heart with words of love

and witness as your eyes empty in crystal streams

I see your stories raveled and twisted and buried out of sight

the programming of this life-  you’re so tired I know-

Has thickened your skin from feeling the flicker of your own blazing light

Rest, exhale, collapse your tired bones and let go

and know the truth that the only journey worth a calloused foot

is the one that comes swirling in from the realm of Universal flow

As you relearn the words, sweetheart, to your own ancient song

You may open your throat and a voice unfamiliar

Will come tumbling from where your soul has been hiding for so very long

Trust now- the veil is thinning that blankets the unseen

The ones who have waited for you to remember, to reclaim

your magic, your mystery and your wildest star kissed dreams.

Because in the end just 3 things matter…

How well we have lived ~ How well we have loved ~ How well have learned to let go 

(Jack Kornfield)