My skin can breathe water

I inhale song of Whale

Mother song- First song

Washing out the hollow of my bone

A sacred spit shine for my insides

When I am resurrected 

please let it be from under the Sea

Or that one Tree 

that holds a lock of my hair 

on an Irish hillside far from here

Where am I again?

It matters not 

Since this song in my bones

is known by every land I roam

When the new pilgrims 

raise me up from under stone

wondrously seeking any clue

misunderstanding once again 

that their birth is proof 

the rumors are true

My skeleton will dance and sing

hymns of devotion and prophecy

My journey will be complete

when the inviolable within me

is received by those willing

to inhale Mother Whale 

and die by the scrolls 

at the bottom of the Sea