I was making love to another man

when your message came through 

A man you’ve known forever has passed 

A man I too once knew when 

I thought I knew you 

We have not talked 

in a long while for you and me

A message in my heart was sent 

a message sent before 

but without this absolute clarity 

I hoped you heard me 

without having to use my words

because I tried writing you a letter

and shook until I understood 

why I could never say goodbye

The ties that bind are often 

the hardest to loose 

burrs and claws in the heart 

take a tender loving hand of patience 

so that self harm is reduced. 

You’ve been there in that spot 

for eternity it seems

That’s the portal we opened 

when we were young, wild and free

and adrift upon a dark sea

Nostalgia is your trap 

I admit I have played along 

All that connects us now 

is some over-glorification  

of the rights to cover all our wrongs 

I am so very sorry you lost your friend 

And I am sorry that 

all that keeps us connected 

are ghosts of a 

once upon a time when