When I am in postures of devotion

Writing you

Tasting you

Bleeding you

Singing you

Praying you

I am whole

And the hunch that my presence 

with your treasure, dispersed 

to the people

by the golden glint in my eye

and curl at the corner of my lips, this

loquacious laughter

reclaimed from sorrow, this

full lament of my tears

cleansing where I have cracked

so more heartbreak fills me with light, this life

rendering the silky smooth truth

that rises only after being churned proper 

in your dark womb,

I understand that above all these holy postures,

breathing you is enough.

I will no longer be quiet

and hide this inheritance

This wealth


This more

And how did I live so long any other way?

Never again subdued

My voice

These erotic desires

My righteous cleansing furies

Not when it is Your Song

I carry inside

 telling of each story, Star born

that flailed itself towards You

To become this