The contract is written such 

that at any moment

 you can give it all away

The torments of your mind

The false inheritance

The heavy load

Sacred Reciprocity is your birthright

There is nothing 

you can ever do wrong 

In Her eyes

Yet your full body confession

Is your secret knock

To the door 

Of ferocious self love 

Reveal what has been 

Bubbling and toiling 

Below the surface 

Of your heart

Scream it into the veil

That I know you feel

The altar at which you kneel

Yet do not adorn

with your naked truth 

and your raw cravings 

for the real taste of your own 

exposed flesh to fire

 and fervent hunting of your scent

 by Life’s glistening tooth 

and sharp eye

You are seen

in every moment

You thought you could hide 

God’s desires inside of yourself

Not realizing you are desire itself

Incarnate perfection 

Is being drenched in the sweat

of allowing yourself to be forged

by the simple act of extending

your burdened and calloused hands 

and setting it all down at Her feet.