Where there is a seaside cliff

†here is a woman standing 

Watching and praying 

Crying and drumming

Commanding wind and tide

face carved by sunrise blaze

nest of moon beam upon her head

For the Eagle’s watchful prayer

She stands

Calling Butterfly

From across the waves

Sending Butterfly

Across the waves

Holding vigil at the portal

Spinning and weaving

Wailing and singing

For the holy souls 

Shedding crucible of Caterpillar

Unwinding from limb and ledge

That once held protection from wind

The most tender of wing

Mosaic of Earth and Heaven

When unfurled by thirst and longing

Withstands every torrent of Storm

Real transformation flies 

Inside the veil between Sea and Sky

No fear of the drowning deep 

And fire of firmament

When guided by cliff song 

Hymns of resurrection

In her whispering and chanting

Praising and raising the good name

Until all Her children fly 

The Ocean’s trail of tears

back home