I sit here raw- completely stripped to the bone

I bolted from, burned through and abused the most beautiful gift I will ever be given-

this vessel I must now learn to know…

and love and trust this process of death and rebirth

so I can rise to the call of service that my guides whisper

from deep within Mother Earth

How could I be so cruel?-

I am so sorry sweet one I weep and I cry

I was so afraid to be seen and loved

that I buried my light every day and the years slipped by

The shadows of this story dance- oh how they play

But the rules of their games are written by fear

and it’s love I now choose to obey

I am afraid and it’s dark but I can hear the Crone Mother’s song

so faintly- to awaken the wisdom light

that has been flickering in the background so very long

Life spins in a perfect circle

All of the Mother’s creatures know this from Earth, Air, Space and Sea

Remember this law flows through you to

but release the programmed mind you must and believe in your divinity

The Goddess rules all life from womb to dark tomb

She must take this piece of you now- you must let go

So that your spirit can blossom and your heart can bloom.