Last night I wished you might die

from my heart’s overwhelming love

watching you suffer daily

I wonder why you really stay alive

At what point do we let go?

Do you stay alive for any part of your dream?

If not, death may be the better pathway

Do not stay alive for me

I know I am in an endless courtship with Life

Stay alive for you.

Untangle your worth from your children

unbind us as slaves in the broken home

I have not birthed children. 

I know you wanted a daughter from me. 

I may have wanted that. 

That may have been a good thing.

But I was given specific instructions

“The wound stops here”

I refuse the inheritance of disappointment

I shatter the lens you have been looking through

casting fractals of doubt to the fray

Do you see the rainbow cosmology now?

Everything rises from Love

I cannot save you by feeling your pain

And there is nothing to save

We are being stewed to perfection

inside the cauldron of Original Medicine

Do you know you are an angel on a mission?

Grow big Mother. 

Loud and unapologetic.

You are so afraid your Voice

will alienate you from your children’s lives

and vanquish your own.

In your silence

you are already dead

So why not try?