I wrote this contract.
Not to prove that life is about pain and oppression
A spiral of confusion and contradictions

I wrote this contract
To co-create a “dream” larger than smallness of mind
Where simplicity invites the great guest of gratitude.

I wrote this contract
To laugh with-not in the face of- Life
Over the lunacies of perceived importance- starting with self.

I wrote this contract

So that as my bloody feet climb the rubble of broken bits…
…perceived traumas and dramas and oh- disappointments
to the great height of the “story” erected, by me-
I find only that I am closer to YOU.

If it was all handed to me. If it were easy-
The greatest generosities of this human life-                                                                                    125the ones delivered through thin air-
could not have been received.
The gift is given in the true surrendered prayer.