mother_earth_by_josephine101I take a seat as you take center stage

Curtains of wind and rain part for a glimpse

Your weathered face ancient- deep coal eyes

Hide the currents of your pain and rage


A sound furls from within you

howling  whistles through the trees- a mourning

as you tear your own flesh and let is slide from its place

to unsteady the selfish dance of this human race- a warning


Soiled shoes in your sacred house- tugging at your hair

We tousle and toy with you Mama-

Don’t you just love us so?

Unruly children- actions without care


You wipe your floors and try to smooth the tangles on your head

With resilience and love

Our bellies you still fill

and tuck us safely to bed


Until the day comes

When we have plucked all the beautiful strands from deep within your skull

And have devoured the gifts that poured from your hands

No longer full


So we must now take our seats and watch as YOU play

With your forces of no match for the small minds of man

When will we learn

It’s your laws of life of we must obey.