I unraveled to the bottom of my heart on the musty webs of the spinning mind- weaver of my own suffering and dimmer of my own light. With shaky hands I climb back out on the spindrels of the love that is always there waiting- crying for “help”- a prayer when all else has been said.

When we cry to the spirit, the guiding light and forces of nature, overlooked is our prayers are being heard by a part of us that hold the love, answers and miracles we seek.  All of creation and its mystery is wound into the fabric of our being.

We are the altar we kneel before.  Light a candle on the spread of your own inner life, lean in and allow yourself to feel the forces of every emotion to crack you open wider- to the wisdom within- cracks  allowing a brighter light to shine through.

My voice vibrates with the lullaby I need to soothe my soul.  My own tears wash me clean- to see a blank slate of where old stories were carved that no longer define me.  Clear eyes witness the original story of a spirit of light- of love- of strength and redemption.  I am timeless- endless- formless- accepting what is and releasing control of any and all for it hardens and tangles and stagnates the truth of the heart

The great void of oneness is my home.  I pour my beauty back into its original form.  Drifting on the open seas of possibility in unison with the tides of Grandmother Moon- made of the Stars- and blessed with trust that I will always meet the shores of the Divine Mother Earth.