13164380_10153775245673842_6090090635239212921_nThere was a young girl who I used to know
With hair like gold- in the sun it would flow
She sang to the trees and danced in the dark
But if you came too close she would smother her own spark

She would wake in the morn with her dreams on fire
Her heart longing to sing with that bird on a wire
She would write to those with no face and no form
Dying inside- for her light she would mourn

As she walked through dark days- her eyes still a glow
With a magic inside to sprout and grow
But magic needs fire and strength of heart
And her love for life had been torn apart

A shadow followed close- not cast by her form
A disease that clung- from before she was born
She would laugh and sing and try to appeal
But every attempt to shine he would steal

As the years went by she learned to drown
The sweet sprouting of her soul that dared rise up from the ground
Draining her life was that old tale of sin
She punished herself daily just to let some love in

Then she woke one day to a faint distant call
It’s into love with yourself you must learn to fall
From the spirits and trees she sang as a child
Came a spell to unlock her heart big and wild

Her body trembled and took many forms
As she released his cloak of pain she had worn
A new dance and song were birthed from her soul
As she shed the shadow by feeding her glow

She now falls to her knees in praise to the Sun
With the mysteries of LOVE her heart she has won
From a story of pain her light will rise
To guide others in the mystery of their own endless skies…