I have a dear sister who was conducting a study and asked 3 questions about the heart…. Here was my reply…

“Ok, so when I first received your questions, Lauren,  I looked them over and the conversation (in my head) went like this……

(Question 1: What do you think about the heart?)

“Love- well that’s too obvious Jamie. You can go deeper than that, she is looking for profound and earth moving- not love. Oh great, now it feels contrived and you’re are searching and questioning yourself. What’s so wrong with your first thought? Oh, wait- I get it. There is no way to think about the heart. You can only feel about the heart. Once the thinking starts you have left the heart and abandoned your first feeling and your first feeling is usually your highest and most pure form of inner truth, hmmm….”

The heart is where truth and fear collide.  If we speak our truth and honor our first thoughts, feelings and instincts, fear has to retreat. I believe the greatest journey we will ever take is into our hearts if we dare. And, I think the absolute number one thing that humans crave more than any other feet of success and triumph is to truly live from the heart, have our heart seen and have our heart understood. Deep down we all know that living from the heart means we are in congruent harmony with our highest capacity and therefore things like heart break, disappointment, fear, anger etc. can’t really impact us. They can come in and pass like a storm but they do not overtake our inner compass.

(2: If you had to describe your heart in one word what would it be?)

So, really this all brings me back to my original thought- oops, I mean feeling. Love. Love is the first word that comes to me and I am going to honor my heart.  Love is the answer to all of the heart’s many different beats. What cures hate- love. What breaks through the gatekeeper of fear- love. What connects us to one another- love. What is the only thing that can equalize differences- love. One can never truly step into the heart until they give love freely and without condition to every and all situations and people in their lives.  I don’t know if this is truly a possibility within the human framework- and that breaks my heart.

(3: What is the first story/experience that comes to mind when you think of love?)

My first memory of the heart is Joey Frankhauser. It was 1st grade and I remember clearly not really understanding my feelings but my heart felt something it never had and it turned everything in my body warm. I had dreams- even some nightmares- about Joey and in each one my heart felt like it would break.   I look back now and realize that the very last bit of my innocence and purity of my own heart left then. Fear stepped in once faced with rejection and the misunderstanding of my heart. Why didn’t he like me? Why can’t I tell him how I feel? Shouldn’t it be easy? How wonderful if we all just loved and felt good!- I actually remember feeling so confused around that. I remember wanting my heart to burst open and wondering why it seemed not everyone wanted to burst open…. Especially Joey haha.    I bet if you ask anyone about the heart- the first memory is of love.

So much to say….

But this sums it up best-

“Even after all of this time- the Sun has never once turned to the Earth and said “you owe me”. Look what happens with a love like that- it lights the whole sky”- Hafez